'Samarpan Sanstha' A team of social activists, professionals and academician in Jalgaon are developing an unique school in Jalgaon strives to provide holistic programme and nurturing environment, where each child can develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We believe that Nation’s future is being shaped not only within the four walls of our school, but also in the company of nature with firm belief that 'NATURE IS GREAT TEACHER'.

Our dedicated team follows the methods of scientific techniques of teaching, which create love for learning. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and satisfy their curiosity by asking doubts. Audio-visual aids are used to make teaching learning process effective. Communicative (interactive) approach is adopted for teaching languages so as to enable students acquire the written spoken skills of English, Hindi and Marathi. To strengthen comprehension and understanding non-scholastic subjects are given equal importance as they are helpful to improve personality with aesthetic sense, team spirit, sense of co-operation, sporting spirit and patriotic awareness about Indian culture and civilization.

Our team plans to teach in such an innovative manner that children get involved in process of learning physically, mentally and intellectually. The purposeful and fruitful involvement motivates us to follow child centered, activity based, concept oriented and joyful teaching in and out of the class room. Children are encouraged to receive, act, react and interact on what way listen to and lean from.

Concept of informal Environment School for school going children:

This is proven fact that presents education system is examination oriented system. This system is making child a bookworm; without inculcating any practical knowledge. The Government has already introduced ‘Environment’ as a compulsory subject. It was expected to sensitize small children on environmental issues and also to provide practical knowledge to them. Unfortunately, environment is also became exam oriented subject just like any other subject. Considering this, the School of Environment took birth. This is an innovative and unique concept; a school without roof & walls as well as no books and bags. There are no homework or examinations. This is an informal school. The children can attend their regular school and only join this school of environment only on Sundays and holidays. The syllabus is designed according to the ability of children to understand. The emphasis is laid on project training instead of traditional text book teaching .Audio-Visual aids help to make the learning enjoyable. This experiences based on teaching includes visit to forest, river, hills-side, fields, dams etc., so that the children can have direct dialogue with nature. Now we redesigned the syllabus based on special environment days declared by United Nations like World Environment Day, World Water Day, World Earth Day, World Ozone Day etc. We celebrate these special days in innovative ways which creates significant impact among the children.

We organizes special campaign in Diwali and Ganesh festival. We are aware that highest pollution takes place during these festivals. As a part of syllabus, we motivate children for minimizing noise pollution, Water pollution during Ganesh festival in September; we also motivate them to reduce bursting of crackers during Diwali in October- November. We also have been awarding Ganesh Mandals for celebrating Eco-friendly Ganesh Festivals. There are five criteria’s for giving awards 1.Ganpati should be made up of Shalu Matti (clay) not by POP. 2. Use of less energy (Electricity) 3.Less Noise Pollution.4.proper management of Wastage during Puja. 5. Awareness of Environment protections through display and decoration, which should be eco-friendly. This campaign creates significant impact among the society; we have been receiving tremendous response from children, Mandals, and whole society.

The Vasundhara International Festival is also an innovative & unique way to sensitize people about environmental issues. This festival has been consistently organizing since last 4 years with the initiative of Paryavaran Shala. A Save Satpuda Movement and Khandesh Tiger Project are also very important initiative, which creating significant impact on environmental movement in the region. School of Environment is part of the International Green Schools Alliance and also set up linkages with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) during the Bio-diversity decade (2011-2012). The Maharashtra Government also appointed it to implement Environment Service Scheme in Jalgaon district.

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